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      Steak and Pepper Stuffed Paffle ( @ketobrawn )

      Steak and Pepper Stuffed Paffle ( @ketobrawn )

      Its the melty cheese for us ! This incredible steak and pepper stuffed paffle is an absolute show stopper and guaranteed to make your belly happy.


      2 packages of sirloin tender steaks⠀
      1 ea. red, orange, and yellow bell peppers. Sliced then halved.⠀
      1 tbsp garlic powder ⠀
      Salt pepper to taste ⠀

      The paffle⠀
      1 egg⠀
      1/2 cup shredded colby jack ⠀
      1/4 cup Pork King Good Unseasoned Crumbs 
      1 tbsp onion powder ⠀

      The cheese sauce:⠀
      1/2 cup heavy cream ⠀
      1 tbsp almond flour⠀
      1 cup shredded sharp cheddar⠀
      1/2 tbsp butter⠀
      This literally takes 5 minutes. Heat up the heavy cream, whisk in the flour, add butter, add cheese and whisk til smooth.

      Heat up that cast iron⠀

      1) Top your peppers and slice into strips, then half the strips. ⠀
      2) Thinly slice the sirloin steaks. Season with garlic powder, add some olive oil to your skillet and sear the strips, flipping and moving around til you have good color.⠀
      3) in another hot skillet, add some olive oil and dump in the peppers. Fry til just tender and a little char.⠀
      4) When the steak is done, turn off heat, cover with shredded mozzarella and cover to melt.⠀
      5) Once the cheese is melted, add peppers and mix in. ⠀
      Just mix all paffle ingredients together, add half the batter to your mini dash waffle iron and cook for about 5 minutes. ⠀
      We sliced horizontal halfway, then cut further down inside to make a pocket. Stuff it, cheese it, EAT IT !!!! 

      Keto Crisp Tuna Melt

      Keto Crisp Tuna Melt

      The simple 4 ingredient Keto Crisp can be used in many other ways such as a personal pizza, taco shell or stuffed with any meat and cheese you'd like. The originator of the Keto Crisp goes to our dear friend Nicole Downs.

      1 egg
      2TBS Mayo
      1/2C Mozzarella Cheese
      Whisk the egg and mayo together then stir in the pork crumbs and mozzarella. Divide in half and make 2 equal dough balls. in a COLD DRY pan flatten the ball to the size of your pan using wet hands. Cook on medium until crispy. Then flip and crisp the other side. Now add your tuna, tomato and sliced cheese to one side. Fold the other side over and viola !