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    Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions about Pork King Good Products.

    What are your pork rinds cooked in?
    All of our pork rind products are cooked and rendered in their own pork fat (lard). 

    Where are your pork rinds produced?
    All of our pork rind products are sourced and produced in the USA.

    Why are there purple and black spots on this one pork rind? And can I eat it?
    All of our pork products are USDA inspected and certified for quality. Meat that has been federally inspected and passed for wholesomeness is stamped with a round purple mark. The dye used to stamp the grade and inspection marks onto a meat carcass is made from a food-grade vegetable dye and is not harmful. You can read more about this stamp on the USDA website.

    How should I store my pork rind crumbs?
    Our pork rind crumbs can be stored like any other pantry item. Store them in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

    Do any of your products contain MSG?
    No. None of our products contain MSG.

    Are the pork rinds gluten-free?
    Yes! All of our pork rinds and pork rind crumbs are gluten-free. While we are not certified gluten-free, all of our ingredients are.

    Are the pork rinds keto-friendly?
    Yes! Our pork rinds and and pork rind crumbs all zero carbs and high in fat, making them ideal for anyone following a ketogenic diet. We also pride ourselves on our clean labels, as we do not use any artificial ingredients or colors in any of our products. 

    Are the pork rinds paleo friendly?
    Yes! All of our pork rinds and pork rind crumbs are paleo friendly.

    When will my order ship?
    We’re a group of hard-working #porkpeople here in Ohio, so your order should ship within 2 business days. You’ll receive tracking information by email as soon as your pork package is on the way!

    My order is a gift so I do not want pricing included in the package.
    No worries! We never include pricing in any of our shipments.