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      The Porkie Company Of Wisconsin

      The Porkie Company Of Wisconsin
      Pork King Good is happy to announce the acquisition of our pork rind manufacturer, The Porkie Company of Wisconsin. Located just South of Milwaukee in the city of Cudahy, Wisconsin.
      The Porkie Company of Wisconsin was started in 1948 by Roman Rydeski. Later on manufacturing and business operations where taken over by Roman's 2 Son's, Rich Rydeski & Gerry Redeski, and Newphew, Tom Rydeski.
      In May of 2022, at the age of 81, Rich Rydeski retired and sold the 74 year old Milwaukee pork rind manufacturing company to Lauren Koston of Pork King Good. Making Lauren Koston the only Woman Owned Pork Rind Manufacturing Company in the USA. She is only the second woman in the pork rind manufacturing since 1958.
      The Porkie Company of Wisconsin to this day uses handed down third generation recipes and manufacturing processes to produce the finest and best-tasting pork rinds and cracklins in the world. 
      All of The Porkie Company Of Wisconsin products are using the same traditional cooking processes, original designed packaging, and original seasoning recipes since the company was founded. 
      Please note, while Pork King Good products focus on being all natural clean ingredients, The Porkie Company of Wisconsin original seasonings are not. Thank you.

      The Porkie Company of Wisconsins Original Nacho Seasoned Pork Rind! You haven't tasted nacho like this! You'll be reaching for more after you finish the bag.