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churWHOA is right!!

these are AMAZING!! theyre everything to love about a warm, fresh, pillowy-soft churro with a heavy dusting of cinnamon... in a PORK RIND!!! &keto-friendly to boot!?! i mean, i need not look further. i have found my favorite snack. churWHOA: I LOVE U!!💗🥰

Tastes like cinnamon toast. Fabulous

pizza flavor

These are good could use more of pizza flavor though

dill pickle

taste is really good would be good with a ranch dip

pork crack

These are so good it is like your eating a real churro

Oh My Goodness 🤤🤤

They are all wonderful

Porkie's Original Flavored Pork Cracklins - 1.75oz
Cassandra De Quesada (Tampa, US)

So fresh and crispy!

Pork King Good Pork Rind Crumbs Unseasoned Flavor
Diane Hubbard (Maple Ridge, CA)
Unseasoned pork rind

Love these. I use them daily. I put them on chicken & pork. I even use them when I make my salmon patties .

Tasty, crunchy, satisfying, snack!

My favorite!

I tried one bag of these and was blown away! I’ve also tried the butterscotch (very yummy - though flavor isn’t as strong) and birthday cake (also very yummy!). I’ve since bought a 4-pack and 10-pack of these and I’m not ashamed to say it will take no time for me to eat through them. Lol

I’m doing the Keto diet and these sweet pork rinds are my favorite way to sneak in a “dessert” without the high carb count!! Highly recommend!!!

Old Timey Butterscotch

Just like the round butterscotch candy we used to buy, but with that great crunch!
I didn’t even let the family try them squirreled away the whole bag for myself!

Love them

Something about eating these takes me back to the state fair and warmer days.
So crunchy and the cinnamon! Yummy!

Pork King Good Stupid Hot Pork Rinds
Gwendolyn Lantz (Bismarck, US)
Grandma Wins!

Grandson has given me the award for finding the hottest snack yet.
He loves the Stupid Hot Pork Rinds!
I gave him the 4 pack for Valentine’s Day, they are in a red package after all!

What an idea

For months my wife has been grinding pork rinds. Since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes we have been using pork rinds as a substitute for bread crumbs. Pork King Good is a godsend. We are enjoying the variety pack and plan to order again soon.


So glad my daughter gave me a bag from a keto box subscription she had. They are so good! When I want a sweet but not candy these are perfect. Hard to believe they are pork rinds!

These are great they are soft not hard like store brands

Best pork rinds around!

This are the best pork rinds. They have a great bbq flavor and are my go to crunchy snack!

Love this for making keto fried versions of my favorite foods like fried zucchini

Tastes a lot like funyuns!

Holy cannoli these are so good! I can easily eat the whole bag. I cant have nuts which makes keto a little challenging to create my favorite desserts and this is going to make me a nice cheesecake crust!

Love their pork rinds! Soft and don’t tear my mouth up like other brands. The flavors are great, just the right amount

Love the Vanilla taste

I was skeptical about this flavor at first, but glad I decided to try it as its now one of my favorites, especially when craving something a little sweet, but just enough to satisfy

Very good

Very good flavor

Bad taste

Did not like flavor