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I’m in a pickle!

Omg! I’m in a pickle because I’m in love with this flavour! So sour and tastes just like a pickle. Will definitely be buying these again!


I loved them. Great cinnamon flavor better than a chip and fits into my low carb lifestyle.
The only downfall is I wish you would all do installment payments so I could order mor.

Great for deep frying

The unseasoned crumbs works great in deep frying shrimp. They are very light not heavy. And also low carb fried in peanut oil.

Great for frying

Great for breaded pork chops. Especially for people who need to keep their carbs down. And the chops taste great.

Awesome B-day Cake!

I recently celebrated my 70th birthday with friends and family over the long Memorial Day weekend. Most of us have some sort of dietary restriction, so I placed a very large order with Pork King Good, which included Birthday Cake Pork Rinds. Everyone enjoyed a bag or two of the different flavored rinds. When it came time for birthday cake, I brought out the 4 bags of Birthday Cake pork rinds, everyone had a good laugh, then came the taste test ... they were totally awesome, everyone loved them! I am ordering more, now that I am 70, I can eat whatever I want LOL


These are amazing and remind of the cinnamon crisps I used to love from taco bell

Pork King Good White Cheddar Pork Rinds
Elizabeth Mcquade (Chicago, US)
The Best Pork Rinds ever!!

Being on a low carb diet, finding this brand has been a god send for my snacking habits. I have officially became a pork rind snob because of Pork King. White Cheddar is my absolute favorite! Even my autistic picky daughter loves these Pork rinds and sneak attack my stash daily. I share with my co workers and friends and they love them as well. MUST TRY if you don't believe me then believe the empty bag. Yummy!!

Only one problem

Love these dill pork rinds and I give them 5 stars, the only problem is they’re only available in the small bags and they deserve to be available in the 7oz bag along with the sour cream and onion so us customers don’t run out as fast they’re so good

Fantastic product

Love these as gluten free alternative to bread crumbs. I use them 1:1 in place of bread crumbs. Fantastic in meat loaf when making a panade. They are NOT greasy. I have all flavors and am pleased with them all

Pork King Good - Jalepeno Pork Rinds

These are delicious! Add another flavor dimension by dipping them in queso cheese dip! My only complaint is that they only come in the 1.75 oz bags! I want more!!!

Best pork rinds in Midwest

I had never had these til I tried them from a small gas station in Wisconsin. Definitely the best pork rinds I have ever had. They need a much better marketing and distribution system. I looked in numerous large and small stores and had to pay the inflated online price plus shipping.

Work great for my Carnivore recipes

I've used them to make pizza, noodles, and meatballs so far. No complaints. They work really well for what I need. Thank you!

Pork King Good Stupid Hot Pork Rinds
Diane Hall (South Shore, US)
Not for the faint of heart!

Love these but really extreme...would really like a little less heat but they are really good if you like the heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Just ordered a 2nd batch!

These are my go to crunchy snack! The smoke flavor is great and they’re zero carbs so they’re a perfect Keto snack. I’ve loved every flavor I’ve tried so far and can’t wait to try them all!

Pork King Good Dill Pickle Pork Rinds
C.C Forche (Swanton, US)
Delicious Dill!

Genuine excellent dill pickle flavor!


These breadcrumbs open up my food world to things I shouldn't be eating anymore like fried foods. Your crumbs let me make chicken fingers, "fried" Haddock as well as use for a topping on casseroles

Guilt free dessert

These are so great to have when you want something sweet and guilt free… definitely would buy again


I like a lot of the flavors, but this is the go to pork rind when I want to dip my pork rind into something else. The flavor by itself is great, but it doesn’t overrun the flavor of the salsa or the guacamole or the chili con queso. I bring these to my favorite Mexican restaurant and tell them to keep their tortilla chips. In fact, it’s gotten to where I really prefer pork rinds over tortilla chips when I am enjoying my salsa or my chili con queso. I highly recommend it!

Very tasty

I have tried a lot of the other flavors, but usually stuck to the ones that came in the big bags. This time I tried the. Smoky jalapeño and cheese and fell in love. It has a nice kick and the smokiness adds to everything. I highly recommend giving it a try. I would love to see these come in the large bag.

Best I’ve found and I’m an expert!!!

There is not another pork rind brand that compares to Pork King!!! I started buying them at Costco and when they no longer carried them, I ordered on line directly from the company. I’m a 63 year old newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic and it’s hard to find a snack food with zero carbs. Also, I’m tired of other brands of pork rinds that break my teeth with those hard ones in other bags. I love both the cheddar and nacho and I thank this company for giving this sad diabetic a food that I can use as a scoop for no carb or low carb dips!!! Please bring it back to Costco!!!

Spicy Cajun is hot, but not stupid hot

I love this flavor. Used it on chicken tenders today. It leaves a nice warmth in your mouth. Hot, but not stupid hot. It would be perfect for Mahi Mahi steaks, which I did not have on hand. Can't wait to try that combo.

Love Italian

My favorite flavor for chicken tenders. Nice, mild, flavorful. It's Italian!

Original Flavor is great!

Since finding Pork King Good's pork rind crumbs, I am "breading" everything! Original is a good place to start.

The best!

The white cheddar are the best!

Yummy goodness

The best pork rinds I have ever had. The salty vinegar taste is perfect. It’s hard to stop eating them!