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Cheater's Treat

I am going to call your wonderful Pork King Good Rinds a Cheaters Treat.
Why? Because they are Keto Friendly, and I feel like I am cheating on my low carb, no sugar diet that i will be on Forever.
Your Pork King Good Rinds make me feel like Im cheating when I eat them because they are so PORK KING GOOD!

Life time purchaser!

Original flavor

I love coating fish with Pork King Good Original flavor, tastes great!
I also sprinkle it on veggies and salads.

Porkie's Nacho Seasoning Pork Rinds - 1.75oz
Wendi Weinstein (El Cajon, US)

I love these nacho pork rinds. Used to eat them all the time when I lived in Wisconsin. I am so glad I am able to order them now online since I live in California. Fast shipping also. Thank you

Pork King Good White Cheddar Pork Rinds
Chris Schamburg (Farmington, US)

So these are my new favorite pork rind. Just the right amount of white cheddar for my liking. These are a great popcorn replacement if you are cutting carbs.

Porkie's Hot Flavored Pork Rinds - 1.75oz
Daniel Norsten sr. (Ashburn, US)
nortys porkies

finally got my porkies W/O worry of where to get em!! love my hot seasoned porkies-

Yummy! Dessert Pork Rinds

I got the dessert variety pack just to give them a try. I had another brand of cinnamon pork rinds in the past, but they are nothing like these yummy, sweet varieties. Being on a very low carb lifestyle, these sweet things really take the edge off of sweet cravings.


I am usually not a pork rinds lover, but these are amazing!

Pork King Good Pork Rinds Variety 6 Pack
Marie Barba (New York, US)
Yummy yummy yummy

All the flavors I have tasted so far are excellent!! The best pork rinds of them all. The pork rind itself is flavorful & fresh

Pork King Good Pork Rinds Variety 10 PACK
Karie Wood (Forest Lake, US)
Porking Awesome!

I ordered the 10 pack variety of rhinds. We haven't tried all of them but so far they are so delicious!! I wish they would sell more flavors at grocery stores here in MN.


This is my absolute favorite flavor. I wish they made the party pack size!


The flavors of these is just incredible, especially the butterscotch, which gives the feeling of eating pancakes with maple syrup.

Highly recommend


Wonderfully delicious snack with very low carbs! Perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt!

Great snack for low carb!

We have purchased Pork Kings products before and were very happy. This time is no different. The pork rhinds are flavorful and light and airy (not hard and unchewable greaseballs like other brands we have purchased).


My mom sent me a 10 pack and the flavors were right on. A lot of times there is no taste with pork grinds.
The Stupid Hot, pizza, and Jalapeños were the best.
I sent a 10 pack to my friend Texas. He said, Pork Kings are now his go to pork grinds!!

Pork King Good PORK RINDS ARE LIFE Variety Pack
Kathleen Bartlett (Skowhegan, US)

So far I love all flavors. The pop of flavor is perfect, the softness of the pork rund is awesome have a good crunch but soft enough to practically melt in your mouth. Your seasonings are great. I love to add them to cucumbers. Can have a different flavor every time.


Perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat and remain on keto diet program

Pork King Good Salted Butter Pork Rinds
Lorraine Calcote (Las Vegas, US)
Better than popcorn

I love love love this flavor. To be honest I love love love most of the flavors. Who knew you could do this with a pork rind? I am hooked

These Are Amazing

Amazing flavor and zero carbs! You can’t go wrong. I’ll definitely keep ordering. I haven’t tried a flavor I don’t like.

Pork King Good Salt & Vinegar Pickled Eggs 2 Pack
Rob Hollobaugh (Westerville, US)
Porking delicious

I got the salt and vinegar eggs for the first time. They were very good. I highly recommend them if f you want a quick healthy snack.

One of my faves!

I love that these taste so “appley &cinnamony “. These are by far my favorite of the “dessert” park rinds from Pork King Good!

Very good!

So far I have tried the salt and vinegar, butter popcorn, white cheddar, and butterscotch. They are all really good! The white cheddar didn't have much cheese flavor. Other than that, they taste very crispy and fresh.

I was skeptical about this flavor and they blew my mind

these are so delicious I keep checking the sugar content to make sure I’m not seeing things. They taste like a funnel cake from the fair! So GOOD.

Such an amazing Surprise!

My 3 kids and I LOVED these dessert pork rinds! All the flavors were amazing. The apple Cinnamon was my least favorite of the four, but still quite good. The butterscotch, birthday cake and cinnamon Churr whoa were all equally delicious in my opinion and tied for 10 out of 10! I was so pleased that my kids enjoyed them as much as I did. This will be an easy go to sweet treat that is low in sugar and carbs, while being so satisfying with FLAVOR!! We quickly ordered 10 pack boxes of the top three flavors!

Dessert pork rinds

I’ve only tried the Birthday Cake and Old Fashioned Butterscotch ones, but if the others are as good as these, I’ll be extremely happy!! What’ a great way to have something sweet without the sugar and carbs.

Italian flavor

This is my absolute favorite and use it the most. My last order was 2 of these one Cajun and 1 plain. I just love the products❤️❤️