Pork King Good Old Timey Butterscotch Pork Rinds - 3 oz

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The Pork Rind People present their newest flavor, Old-Timey Butterscotch! Inspired by grandma’s warm purse candy (if you know, you know)...this rich, sweet, and buttery blend combined with our salty, fluffy pork rinds is the flavor mash up that you never knew you needed. One word? Magic.  #ThanksNana


Nutritional Info:
  • 80 Calories Per Serving
  • 1g Carbs Per Serving

Ingredients: Pork Rinds (Cooked In Pork Fat), Turbinado Sugar, Salt, Butterscotch Flavor (Arabic Gum, Natural Flavors, Silicon Dioxide)

Allergens: None

Pork King Good Pork Rind Information:

  • High Quality Pork Made In The USA
  • Cooked In Their Own Pig Fat (Lard)
  • Clean & Natural Ingredients
  • 1g Carb Per Serving
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb Snacks
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Contains No MSG
  • Free Shipping Within The Contiguous U.S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeannie Johnson (New York, US)
Nice old fashioned Butterscotch Flavor

I love these pork rinds! They are second behind the cinnamon. Tasty, crunchy, but not too hard. They literally melt in your mouth! Another winner! Buy some and enjoy!

Joanne41 Fruth (Tucson, US)
Butterscotch pork rinds

They are very good and habit forming

J.B. (San Antonio, US)
So delicious!

Out of the sampler I got these were my favorite! Reminded of the Butterscotch candies I would eat as a kid.

Judith Long (Maryville, US)
Butterscotch flavor

Very good, but I want to eat rhe whole bag.

Jo W (Lithia Springs, US)

I got the bundle of the new flavors from Pork King Good and I am really enjoying the Butterscotch flavor. It is a subtle taste but the butterscotch is definitely there and it adds to the crunch of the pork rind. They are good just by themselves, but I have also added them to some different dips for my family and they are very popular. Definitely worth ordering and having on hand.