Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks     (@lori.Monigold)

Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks (@lori.Monigold)

I am so incredibly addicted to this super crispy, super easy, and super delicious buffalo drenched cauliflower steak . In general, my family does not really love cooked cauliflower, but this…. This they absolutely LOVED!!! I mean… I'm glad they liked it and all but that also meant less for me so I learned a valuable lesson that next time I make this I better go ahead and double the recipe.



  • Remove leaves and stem from cauliflower leaving the core intact. Slice cauliflower into steaks with a large knife and reserve leftovers for another recipe or to make these into cauliflower bites.
  • Place cauliflower in a skillet and add 1/3 cup water. Cover and allow to steam 4-5 minutes. Remove from skillet and pat dry with paper towels.
  • Whisk egg in a shallow dish. Toss cauliflower steaks in egg.
  • Mix crumbs and seasoning in another dish and dip cauliflower steaks coating completely.
  • Heat enough oil to coat to bottom of your skillet over medium high heat. Add cauliflower steaks and crisp each side 2-3 minutes. Remove to a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
  • You could use whatever sauce you like for these but I drizzled mine with come buffalo and my home made Dilly Ranch.
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