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      Pork King Good Pork Rind Photo Contest

      Smile & Say, "PORK!".

      Since we launched our business we've noticed something important: We're great at pork rinds, but not so much at photos of pork rinds! That being said, you guys have some serious talent for taking amazing pictures with our products!

      So, that led to an idea...What if we took the best pork rinds on Earth and ran a photo contest with our customers so that they could get a chance to win more of the best pork rinds on Earth for free!? GENIUS!

      The Deets: Now through September 1, 2020, submit your best photos below of our bags of Pork King Good pork rinds or the pork rinds themselves for a chance to win a free 4 pack of your favorite chicharron flavor! We're really excited to see all of the fun and creative stuff you guys come up with using our different pork rind flavors!