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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Lisa Davis
      Variety Pack

      I have never… UNTIL NOW… liked pork rinds. I’ve been living a keto lifestyle and was encouraged to try yours. (In all fairness, it has been YEARS since I last tried a pork rind.). Anyway, I planned on grinding them up & using them to batter chicken. To my surprise, I liked them enough to just eat them! I’ve been using them as chips with my favorite keto dips & hummus. My favorite two are sour cream & onion and the white cheddar. The Himalayan salt ones were just way too salty for my taste. The pizza flavor were also pretty good. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and apparently… I DO like pork rinds. At least YOURS I do!

      Betsy C.
      Variety Pack Pork Rinds

      These are the best pork rinds I've ever had and I love the clean ingredients. Thanks Pork King Good for such a great product! I will ordering these again! The top faves in our house were White Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion and Himalayan Pink Salt & Vinegar.

      Denise Krieger
      Definitely Pork King Good

      I tried the variety pack on a friend's recommendation, wanted to try a few flavors before I bought a larger package. I live a keto lifestyle and miss two things: fresh hot buttered popcorn and fresh tortilla chips. The one I was most interested in was the buttered popcorn; but i found that I enjoyed a few other flavors more. Definitely sour cream and onion and the white cheddar cheese are my top 2, with nacho cheese and buttered popcorn being the next 2. I haven't tried the himalayan sea salt w/ vinegar and I did not care for the pepperoni pizza, but it's not Pork King's fault -- i am not a huge fan of pizza (shhhhhh). I have already purchased two larger bags of the white cheddar and sour cream and onion. Crunchy, airy and really delicious!

      Thanks for the Pork King Love Denise!! So glad you are loving our products!