Pork King Good Pork Rinds Variety 10 PACK

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Skip the chips! Pork King Good features 10 fun flavors of flavored chicharrones that have all of flavor traditional potato chips, without the carbs! 

Try them all with our Variety 10 Pack!

Includes each of the following flavors in 1.75 oz bags:

  • Pizza
  • Nacho Cheddar
  • Salted Butter
  • Himalayan Pink Salt & Vinegar
  • White Cheddar
  • Onion & Sour Cream
  • Stupid Hot (WARNING: Extremely Spicy!!)
  • Dill Pickle
  • Smoky Jalapeño & Cheese
  • Ranch

DELICIOUS - We at Pork King Good can proudly say that we’ve developed the most insanely delicious chicharrones out there, in game-changing flavors that are changing snacking as we know it for good! We’re talking light, salty, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth whisps of deliciousness. They're the next "pig" thing!

0 CARBS PER BAG! Pork King Good Pork Rinds are not just any old snack food. They’re the ultimate naturally low-carb / keto bite! An addictively delicious treat for anyone following a ketogenic, paleo, or diabetic diet! Looking for sugar-free snack options for the kids? Our chicharrones are a great alternative to traditional potato chips! Go ahead, “pig” out!

HIGH QUALITY - Our light and crispy pork rinds are fried in their own rendered animal fat before being flavored with our Pork King delicious seasoning blends. Inspected daily by the USDA.

WOMAN-OWNED - Pork King Good is a proudly quirky pork rind company out of Cleveland, OH. Small in size but big in personality, we are owned and operated by a woman who is not only passionate about pork rinds, but is maintaining a 100 lb weight loss through her own low carb, ketogenic lifestyle. We stand behind our products not only because they’re addictively tasty, but because they have been an integral part of our own weight loss journeys.

VARIETY 10 PACK - Product includes ten, 1.75 oz bags. They’re the perfect size for home, school, or work and enough to share the Pork King love!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Christine Groll (Averill Park, US)
Fantastic Snack!

This pack of 10 is WONDERFUL! Each bag is a different variety and every one of them is delicious. There is no pork rind aftertaste. The seasonings are perfect. And each chicharrone just melts in the mouth! A perfect, crunchy snack for those looking to reduce carbs.

Anonymous (Doylestown, US)

Keto snacks that give you a chance to enjoy something a bit crunchy without carbs. Still going through the flavors. So far the White Cheddar flavor is truly awesome.

Kathy Stewart (Cayce, US)

Hi, I just received my 3rd order of your delicious pork rinds from tv sales program. They are sooooo good, they literally melt in my mouth!l And don't forget no carbs, I can eat tem guilt-free and enjoy. I love all flavors -- only the Dill is a little to strong for me, they make me wink-- lols!.. Maybe substitute the dill for another flavor in my order.. Thank you for such a delicious product, and I am ordering a 10 pack-- NO dill please.

Sherri Moore (Richmond, US)
Delicious 😋

Ordered variety pack. All was delicious. Stupid Hot 🔥 is just that. Love all.

Stephanie (Wartburg, US)
Great snacks!

I tried the variety 10-pack and I enjoyed most of them. The Stupid Hot were stupid hot and the pepperoni pizza didn't agree with me. The smoky jalapeno & cheese were a bit spicy but edible. The nacho cheddar was piquant whereas the white cheddar was too subtle. Onion & sour cream, ranch, and salted butter were good. The best are the dill pickle and pink salt & vinegar!! I would absolutely buy PKG snacks again.