Stupid Hot Mozzarella Sticks by Darlene Garcia ( @kindketomama )

Stupid Hot Mozzarella Sticks by Darlene Garcia ( @kindketomama )

I’ve been seeing Flaming Hot Mozzarella Sticks on Pinterest and it’s had me craving them like crazy. If you are into spicy, melty and cheesy comfort food then these are for you ! Here's what I did. 


1 1.75oz bag @porkkinggood Stupid Hot Pork Rinds 

7 string cheese sticks
1 egg ⁣
1 tbsp heavy cream


Blend pork rinds in a food processor until completely crushed. ⁣

Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper. Prepare egg wash in a small bowl by gently whisking egg and heavy cream. ⁣

Organize a breading station with egg wash, bread crumbs in a medium bowl and baking sheet.

Dip sticks in egg wash, then bread crumbs. Use your fingers to pack the crumbs onto the mozzarella sticks. ⁣

Very important, don’t skip: Place breaded cheese sticks in the freezer for 1 hour (not any longer so that they don’t completely freeze).⁣

In a heavy bottomed pot heat up a neutral oil (I use refined coconut oil) until it’s very hot. Fry cheese sticks while rotating gently every so often. You’ll know they’re ready when their softened but not a melted glob. ⁣

Transfer to a paper towel lined plate to drain. Dip in a cool ranch or any sauce that you prefer. ⁣

Note: For aesthetics, I tried adding red food coloring to the bread crumbs so they would look like Flaming Hot Cheeto’s crumbs and I wasn’t super successful at it. It worked a little but I would honestly skip it. Some suggested adding paprika or turmeric to add a little color (great idea). ⁣

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