Keto Pork Rind Crumb Fried Pickles

Keto Deep Fried Pickles by Chelsie Whittier ( @ketomomma4 )


1 jar of preferred pickles, drained

1/2c coconut flour

2tsp Daks original red seasoning, or paprika, divided

1tsp salt

1 large egg

2tbs water

1c Original Pork King Good Pork Rind Crumbs



Pat the drained pickles dry with a paper towel.

Mix the coconut flour and 1tsp Daks together in a bowl and set aside.

Whisk the egg and water together in another bowl and set aside.

Mix the pork crumbs and the last tsp of Daks in a bowl and set aside.

Dredge the pickles into the flour, then egg and then pork crumb mixture. Make sure the pickles are fully covered. Deep fry in avocado oil for about 4 min a side or until golden brown. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy.

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