Crab Cake Waffle Benedict ( @heathercoxzzz )

Crab Cake Waffle Benedict ( @heathercoxzzz )


1/2 a cup of fresh picked through crab meat
1/4 a cup of Spicy Cajun Pork Crumbs
1/4 a cup of shredded mozzarella
1 whisked egg
Old Bay Seasoning


Mix together all ingredients. Spray your waffle maker with avocado oil and add batter. I used a mini waffle maker and got about 3/4 waffles. 

For the Remoulade sauce I put 1/2 a cup of mayo with a squirt of creole mustard, sprinkle paprika, creole seasoning, a splash of pickle juice, 2 chopped green onions, a teaspoon of celery salt, garlic powder, splash of Worcestershire sauce and pepper. 

Add a poached egg on each crab cake waffle, top with your sauce and you got Eggs Benedict.

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