Pork Rind Breadcrumbs

Low Carb & Gluten Free Cooking

Pork King Good Pork Rind Crumbs are a zero carb breadcrumb and flour substitute. Use them in everything from chicken nuggets, to meatballs, to biscuits and pancakes! Simple to use, you can pan fry, air fry, or bake with them!

Flavored Pork Rinds

A Zero Carb Alternative to Traditional Potato Chips!

We at Pork King Good can proudly say that we’ve developed the most insanely delicious pork rinds out there, in game-changing flavors that are changing snacking as we know it! We’re talking light, salty, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

Wholesale & Food Service

Carry Pork King Good Products

Do you have a retail store that’s looking to expand their low-carb snack options? Or a restaurant or food service that is looking to add keto and diabetic friendly dishes to your menu? Click here to be considered for a wholesale account with Pork King Good!